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CrossFit Coldwater - CrossFitWarm-up (No Measure)4 rounds 10 KB taters 100m Run (Time)21-15-9: Sumo Deadlift High Pull (95/65) Push Press (95/65) Lateral BurpeesExtra CreditMetcon (No Measure)Three sets of: Single-Leg Hip Thrusts x 8 reps each leg @ 20X1 Rest 90 seconds Supine Ring Row x 10 reps @ 2111 (get…

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CrossFit Coldwater - CrossFit:15x4 (No Measure)Jumping Jacks Squats Mt. Climbers Jump Squats:15x4 Planks (No Measure)Plank Side Plank-L Side Plank-R Superman HoldsBurgener Clean alt. (No Measure)10 shrugs 10 elbow high/outside 10 muscle cleans 10 high hang Clean (shrug, elbows high, fast elbows) 10 P Clean/mid shin 10 Front Squat 10 Clean…


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CrossFit Coldwater - CrossFitThe CrossFit Warm-up (No Measure)3 rounds of 10-15 reps of: Samson Stretch (15-30 seconds) Overhead Squat with PVC Sit-ups Back-extensions Pull-ups DipsThen spend 8 minutes working up to WOD weightMetconMetcon (Time)3 Rounds: 10 Front Squats (185/135) 20 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups 50 Double Unders *f sqt should…