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Buddy Up

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CrossFit Coldwater – CrossFit

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Warm-up (No Measure)

Partner Medball Circuit Ladder

:30 sec each exercise

Back to Back Twisty

Granny Toss

Wallball Toss

Lateral Hip Toss- switch sides each throw

Sit-up Toss

Athletic Burpee/ Around the world- Partner 1 does athletic burpees for the whole 30 sec while partner 2 does around the world with the ball.

Go back up the ladder- start with the burpee and around the world- the other partner will do burpees for 30 sec while their partner does around the worlds.

You should finish with the back to back twisty


No rest between Part A and B!

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Part A)

Teams of 2:

800m Farmer Carry (50/35)*

*Must Switch every 200m

**While 1 Partner is carrying, other partner is accumulating max reps ball slam.

Metcon (Time)

Part B)

Teams of 2:

One person working at a time

200 Push-ups

200 Sit-ups

20 Rope Climbs