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Define The Win by Coach Don

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Define the Win
By: Don Gillette

I believe that everyone of us has days that we walk into the box and it just doesn’t feel right. Nothing is working, our legs hurt, our shoulders hurt, our normal weight for a standard movement feels like a small elephant is resting on the bar, and who knows what else is going on. It could be the junk that happened throughout the day that is following us in and weighing us down. These are just some of the things that will hold us back and I hope this offers a little encouragement to push through every situation. It will not always be perfect, but you can find a victory in the suck.

It was a while back that someone give me a book to read. I squeezed in a couple days to complete it and it was just what I needed to read. Within the book, there was a statement that the author wrote that hit me right between the eyes. That phrase was “define the win.” If you are anything like me, you sometimes make expectations that are not realistic, but this was impactful and changed everything. My “win” is not to make the Crossfit games (although that would be amazing), but it is definitely give everything I have to the box, our members and give the very best that I can in every workout. This phrase is used in EVERY part of my life, whether it be ministry, family, and every class I get to coach at the box.

Here are some practical steps to help you through the struggles and you can then “define the win.” This is not a win that will get you to the games, but it is defining a small victory that will add up overtime. Today’s win is and will be just one battle in the war, and Crossfit can definitely feel like a war at times.

Rule # 1: Define the Win

This is simple. Look at the workout and think of something that you want to accomplish. If the workout is Fran (21-15-9 / thrusters & pull-ups), set a realistic goal at a realistic weight to complete the workout in under four minutes or possibly go five pounds heavier and try to beat your previous time. It can be anything, define what will be something you walk away and tell to yourself “that was a win.”

Rule # 2: Keep the Win Simple

Don’t overthink this, keep it simple. It can be something as simple as keeping your elbows up at the end of a front squat metcon when all you want to do is let them drop. Maybe it is stringing together two, three, or five pull-ups. Maybe it is squatting to depth through the entire workout. Keep the “win” simple.

Rule # 3: Restate and Stick to the Win

Tell yourself the win often and stick to it. Yes, you should find focus on the other things in the workout, but make the win your ultimate victory.

Rule # 4: Define a win at EVERY LEVEL

We will never reach perfection. We are never the athlete we want to be, or at the fitness level that we want to be. Allow your win to grow as you grow. Challenge yourself. You know that you’re stronger and more capable than you give yourself credit for. Speak of “the win” throughout your day!

Why did I share this with you? Because it changed my life outlook. It changed the way I handle challenges, it changed the way I handle my family, and it allows me to keep progressing. Does it fail? Yes, sometimes it does, but I define another win the next day. I hope this helps you just a little with some of the mental battles that we all face everyday. Define the win in your workout and you will start to see many more victories coming!