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One Easy Trick To Get The Most Out Of Every Workout

What if I were to tell you that there was one simple trick that you could do right now, to get the most bang for your buck every single workout… Would you believe me? You’re in luck, because there is, and it is going to sound weird!

My tip is… DON’T do the workout as it is prescribed/ written on the whiteboard! HUH?!?! That’s right, do NOT do the workout just as it is written on the whiteboard. Let me explain.

The workout on the board does not take into account your current fitness level. The workout on the board does not take into account your personal goals. The workout on the board does not take into account the bad night of sleep you had, your high-stress levels, or the poor nutritional choices over the weekend. The workout on the board does not take into account your specific injuries (past or present) and the needs of those injuries. The workout on the board is not designed for YOU.

The workout on the board is designed as a general guideline to increase overall health and fitness. The question you may be thinking is, “how do you change it?” It starts by communicating to your coach what your personal wants and needs are, and believing that we have the knowledge and your best interest in mind. From there, we can begin to customize, personalize, modify, scale… whatever you want to call it…. We can change the general workout to fit you as an individual.

For some, this has to be a mindset shift that “scaling” a workout makes it less or not as good or the belief that you should try to do the workout as close to “RX” as possible. Both of those ideas are bullshit!! This way of thinking MUST change if you want to do this fitness thing for the long haul AND be able to achieve the goals that you want. Modifying workouts is not bad, or less. If you feel that it is, check your ego and realize that you are customizing the workout to fit you as a person and your needs/ wants. THIS is how you maximize results and leverage a group fitness class to be personalized to you!


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