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Taking Ownership of Your Fitness

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This has to be the most basic and fundamental principle of any successful program. It doesn’t matter if it’s fitness, nutrition, education, or relationship building. You have to own that you want to improve in that area. You have to be responsible to take the actions in accordance with that value.  I could hand you a 100% guarantee effective program, but if you only follow it when it’s convenient you will not see the results you want.  You can be a member at the best gym in town, but if you don’t show up and do the work nothing’s going to change for you…  It’s very simple.  

In that vein, it is much easier to make small incremental changes in your health and wellness now.  Start that workout routine or nutrition plan, just start.  Here’s a secret.. No one wants to do it in the beginning!  It doesn’t have to be jumping into CrossFit 5x/week or spending 5 hours Sunday meal prepping.  If you want to do those things absolutely go for it!  However, if that seems to daunting just go for a walk.  Replace that Coke with Soda Water.  Get your body in motion.  Motivation doesn’t drive success, it comes from success.  You may not be motivated in the beginning, but once you build momentum it WILL come.  You can’t wait for the right moment or some big epiphany, you have to create the future you want. Own your fitness.

When they sent Apollo 11 to the Moon more energy and fuel was spent in the first few minutes just getting the rocket off the ground than was spent over the next few days and millions of miles.  The same thing is required if we want to create a new habit or break an old one.  That initial requirement to overcome adversity is what stops most people dead in their tracks.  Everybody wants to lose weight and get more fit and that idea seems relatively easy when you’re sitting on the couch.  However, then you go to the gym for the first time and you’re so sore the next day you can barely get on and off the toilet.  That might be cool for a day because you think, “man I must have worked really hard to be this sore.”  A couple of days later it’s time to go back to the gym, but your legs are still sore so you think, “there’s no way I can move today I’ll just go tomorrow”.  Then tomorrow comes and you say, “Man, I really don’t have time to go today I’ll go back again next week.”  Next week comes and you start to remember how sore you were after the first day and you say, “I don’t want to be that sore again!  I don’t want to feel that adversity or pain so I’m just not going to go I’m not going to put myself through that again.”  

Now, even though Houston has cleared you for lunch and it’s your time to go your “ship” is still sitting on the platform.  This is the moment where everything can change for you.  Either you can step into change and take off or you can keep doing the same things and sit there wondering why you are not moving.  Own your fitness.

Reality is difficult to face sometimes.  The truth is that if you don’t take an active role in owning your health and wellness you may have to undertake a massive lifestyle overhaul to combat some sort of chronic disease.  That’s not an opinion, it’s the trend we are seeing across the country where 70% of deaths are attributed to chronic disease.  Diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease can all be directly linked back to hyperinsulinemia (too much insulin in the blood) which is caused by the over consumption of highly refined sugar dense carbohydrates.  Poor nutrition can and statistically probably will kill you.  Again, here you are entirely in control so- own your fitness.

Happiness comes from the ability to sacrifice what we want now for what we want eventually.  Everyone has heard the old adage “Nothing worth having comes easy”.  There will always be an easier path, but if you can just take those first steps you will gain momentum.  If/When it gets to hard to go at it alone get a coach or find a community of like minded people, someone to help you stay accountable.  Just remember that in the end no one can do this for you.  You are in control of your day, your thoughts, and your actions.  Take ownership for everything that happens to you, even if it feels out of control.  You may not be able to control some of things that happen, but you can always control how you react to them.  You may be sore, but is that a good reason to skip the gym?  You may be tired, but is that a good reason to stop at McDonald’s rather than going home to cook?  The answer is no.  So own your fitness.  Own the days that you fail and set the standard that you will bounce back without dwelling on the negatives.  Tell yourself that you are going to workout 3 days this week, no excuses, and own it.

Taking ownership for your situation can be scary.  It’s extremely difficult to look at yourself and say I’m here because of the choices I’ve made.  That’s why most people never get going.  If they don’t own the fact that they are overweight or out of shape they are relieved of any responsibility over the outcome.  Life is just something that happens to them, its out of their control.  Taking that ownership is hard, but it’s the only place fulfillment exists.  When you own your situation you get the opportunity to change it.  It doesn’t matter what life throws at you because you have developed the ability to whether the storm.  Life gets a whole lot better when you take ownership of your mind, body, and fitness.