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The Art of Starting Over by Coach Don

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There is a very high standard that certain people put upon themselves. They want their families to do well, they want their careers to be successful, and they want a perfect balance of all of the things that will pull them in different directions and want to steal their time. I am no exception to that very description. I want my family to know that I am the father and husband that I should be, I want to be in great shape as a CrossFit coach, and I want to give my calling the very most attention that I can to be the best me that both school and ministry can possibly get. But, sometimes the perspective becomes a little tilted.

As a coach, I am no more susceptible to the challenges of life and putting things on the back burner to accomplish other things or try other things. There are opportunities that come up that are seeming too good to be true and there are also opportunities that come up that are required. We work full time jobs, have full time families, and in my case, I attempt to complete my master’s degree at a somewhat full time pace. Also, training should be part of that time frame, but it doesn’t work out the way I want at times. This is where the reality set in for me a few months ago. It was a trial by fire experiment that was both successful and a setback.

In May, I set out to complete a required four-week class schedule that had me traveling to Plymouth, MI three days a week (staying overnight for one of those nights), putting in 20 hours of research, and trying to keep everything else going. If I were honest with you, I did well in the classes, but everything else suffered tremendously. My family didn’t see their husband and father very much, my diet went to absolute crap, and training was nonexistent. Needless to say, I put on just under 15 pounds within a six-week period! Yes, I am just as prone to falling off the wagon as everyone else.

What was the hardest thing about getting going again? It is simply just getting going again! It was and is showing up to the gym when I know how much easier movements were 15 pounds lighter (pullups, thrusters, handstand progressions, snatches…), and it was knowing what my clothes fit like without 15 pounds around my waist. Yes, guys even think about this. Everything was a struggle when I started back at training, but I kept telling myself one phrase: “You were there before, now just show up, trust the process, and own what you did to yourself!”

CrossFit is a lifestyle choice to make ourselves adaptable to anything that comes at us. It is having the ability to apply the different trials and victories of our lives to new trials to achieve new victories, it is getting knocked down and failing sometimes but coming back stronger because you know a victory is coming. Failures DO NOT define us, they add to the testimonies of our lives! It allows us to tell people that I am not always successful at everything, but I know why I failed and I will try again. Sometimes the biggest discipline is just showing up. Don’t neglect your health, keep showing up! Don’t stop, keep going forward! Keep a high standard for yourself, because you are worth it! You are capable of much more than you think!

Blessings and High Fives,

Coach Don