January has come and gone and you have pledged that this is “the year” and it’s time to get serious. You are ready to make a change. You scroll through social media and your constantly inundated with memes and posts blasting “new year new me.” So how many of you have already lost that fire and motivation to make this year better than the last?

You want something fun, something that will transform your body, make you more fit, oh and if you can fit it into an hour a day that would be great too. Let’s be serious who really has all day to spend in the gym.

CrossFit is the answer to your frustrating failed new year’s resolutions. With the growing popularity of this thing called CrossFit, you may have seen a gym or a “Box,” as we call it, spring up near you. On top of that CrossFit inspires a tight-knit almost family-like community that swears this is the best way to get results. It’s hard to argue with the benefits and see what CrossFit gives you.

CrossFit can be done by anyone regardless of your fitness goals. You can lose weight, build muscle and increase performance by participating in CrossFit. Whether you have been training for years or this is the first time picking up a barbell, all workouts can be scaled to your level allowing everyone to reach their goals in a positive, growth-focused environment.

The workouts are constantly varied so each day is new and fresh, keeping you excited and engaged. The application of functional movements, such as the deadlift, squat, pull – up and box jump, closely mimicking real-life movement patterns. These workouts will transform you into the person that you always knew you could be, which will allow you to excel in and out of the gym. The high-intensity nature of CrossFit workouts have been proven to increase bone density, improve insulin sensitivity, helps lower blood pressure and promote cardiovascular health. Other AWESOME benefits include improved athletic performance, cognitive ability, and self-esteem.

“Come for the work, stay for the people.” A CrossFit box and the nature of its high-intensity group training fosters a strong bond through mutual demonstrations of fortitude and perseverance. The community that emerges from like-minded people struggling and encouraging alongside each other is one of the strongest in the fitness world.

From the outside looking in, CrossFit may look extreme. You may think it is only for athletes that want to compete. The principles and methods are broad, general, inclusive and increase the quality of your life. So, whether your an athlete, stay at home parent or on the 9-5 grind the inviting community and results-driven workouts will have you reaching your goals in no time.